Clips offers over 2000 free motion backgrounds, animations and video clips for download and use in personal and commercial projects. Most of their clips are available in high definition format and can be downlaoded for free, while others require the payment of a fee (the fee varies depending on the creator and the resolution of the clip). Usage rights also vary from clip to clip and users are advised to review the license agreement for each individual clip downloaded at

Previews of selected samples from some of the categories available at are provided in the tables below. To preview an individual clip, double click on the image below for that clip. This will open a small window that provides a low resolution preview of the clip you selected. To download any of these clips, click on the clip's name in the table below and you will be taken to the web page where you can download that clip. Please note that you must be a registered user (registration is free) and logged in to the website before you can download any of their clips.

The clips you download at are in formats (e.g., .mov, .mp4) that are not supported by the earlier versions of Movie Maker. If any of the clips you download are not supported by your version of Movie Maker, you will need to convert the files to a compatible Movie Maker format (such as .wmv or DV-AVI) before they are used in a project, If you need a video converter, try using Freemake Video Converter to convert any unsupported files into WMV format (it's a free download).


Albino Snake
1920x1080, 12.9 MB

Birds Feeding
1920x1080, 22.8 MB

Cat Resting
1920x1080, 34.4 MB

Dog Running Through Stream
1920x1080, 43.6 MB

Ducks in the Snow
1920x1080, 38.8 MB

Elephants in the wild
1920x1080, 42.2 MB

Fish on the Sea Bottom
1280x720, 16.9 MB

Frog on Leaves
1920x1080, 81.9 MB

Horses Grazing
1920x1080, 42.3 MB

Spotted Deer
1920x1080, 63.4 MB

Food and Drink

Barbecue Sauce on Ribs
1920x1080, 95.7 MB

Barolo Wine Barrels Italy
1920x1080, 20.5 MB

Cheese Cheese Cheese
1920x1080, 34.1 MB

Chillies Rotate Loop
1920x1080, 81.0 MB

Chocolate Poured Over Alfajor
1920x1080, 20.2 MB

Hot Dog Stand NYC
1920x1080, 28.8 MB

Kiwi Fruit and Blueberries
1920x1080, 24.8 MB

Mc Donalds in Times Square
1920x1080, 15.4 MB

Pouring Cola 2 - Slow Motion
1920x1080, 93.4 MB

Wedding Cake and Champagne Glass Concept
1920x1080, 11.9 MB


Banana Plantation in Ecuador
1920x1080, 95.3 MB

CCTV Camera
1920x1080, 23.4 MB

Electronic Waste on Conveyor Belt
1920x1080, 47.1 MB

Excavator Mining 1
1920x1080, 74.8 MB

Fishing some shrimp
1920x1080, 74.0 MB

Jewellery Making - Filing a Ring 2
1920x1080, 43.3 MB

Metro Station Porta Susa, Turin, Italy
1920x1080, 24.3 MB

Portsmouth Harbour at Dusk
1920x1080, 36.2 MB

Tea Manufacture Rolling
1920x1080, 22.5 MB

Urban Industry Smoke Fire
1920x1080, 30.3 MB


DNA Strand Rotate Loop with Alpha Matte
1920x1080, 62.2 MB

ECG Heartrate Graph
1920x1080, 50.5 MB

ECG Heartrate Graph 2
1272x720, 12.6 MB

Floating Pills
1920x1080, 16.9 MB

Human Medical Background
1920x1080, 22.6 MB

Red Blood Cells
1920x1080, 17.9 MB

Twirling Medical Symbol & Pills
1920x1080, 43.0 MB

Vital Signs Motion Graphic
1272x720, 5.05 MB

Xray 5 Pack
1272x720, 1.89 MB

Xray 8 Pack Jolts & Blurs
1920x1080, 1.34 MB


Animated Turntable & Equalizer Blue
1920x1080, 78.4 MB

Crowds at Outdoor Music Festival
1920x1080, 24.5 MB

Disco Lights Background Loop 2
1920x1080, 10.7 MB

DJ Set - Nightclub
1920x1080, 22.7 MB

Double Flowing Piano Keys
1920x1080, 93.2 MB

Man Playing Drums
1920x1080, 26.8 MB

Mixing Desk Pull Focus
1920x1080, 19.9 MB

Musical Notation Background Loop
1920x1080, 10.1 MB

Piano Keys Track Along 1
1920x1080, 36.0 MB

Speaker Dance
1280x720, 48.3 MB


Bright Red Autumn Leaves
1920x1080, 23.8 MB

Clouds Above Mountains Timelapse
1920x1080, 13.8 MB

Daffodils in Spring
1920x1080, 50.6 MB

Gondola Hyperlapse
1920x1080, 16.4 MB

Mountain Lake Timelapse
1920x1080, 14.9 MB

Rotting Log on Water
1920x1080, 59.8 MB

Sand & Water
1888x1062, 11.4 MB

Shoreline Sunset
1920x1080, 62.4 MB

Ski Resort Lift Gondola
1920x1080, 41.0 MB

White Water Rapids 2
1920x1080, 25.1 MB


Businesswoman with Team
1920x1080, 40.7 MB

Flicking Though a Book
1920x1080, 36.3 MB

Girl on a Phone Cutaway 2
1920x1080, 35.2 MB

Grand Central Station NY
1920x1080, 39.6 MB

Hands Holding Soil 2
1920x1080, 18.3 MB

Kayaking in Slow Motion
1920x1080, 91.3 MB

Pedestrians in Town at Night, Oxford UK
1920x1080, 37.2 MB

Scratch Card Close Up
1920x1080, 14.5 MB

Skateboarding in the Road
1920x1080, 7.71 MB

Toddlers Play in Sand
1920x1080, 23.2 MB


Bouncing Soccer balls 1838
1920x1080, 9.61 MB

Breaking News Lower Third in Red
1920x1080, 57.4 MB

Falling Gold Dice 1895
1920x1080, 14.6 MB

Falling Snowflakes Background Loop
1920x1080, 24.6 MB

Futuristic Numbers Countdown - 10 Seconds
1920x1080, 18.9 MB

Green Streaks Title Background
1920x1080, 8.94 MB

Merry Christmas Sparkle Reveal
1920x1080, 25.6 MB

Pixel Mosaic Loop 1
1920x1080, 1.24 MB

Sketchy Animated Alphabet
1920x1080, 38.6 MB

Spinning Bars 1969
1920x1080, 25.0 MB


Boxing Ring
1920x1080, 12.6 MB

Football Field Tracking Shot
1920x1080, 30.2 MB

Jogging Down a Hill
1920x1080, 40.5 MB

Motocross Racers
1280x720, 6.86 MB

Race Cars Leaving Grid
1920x1080, 29.9 MB

Sailing Dingys In the Sea
1920x1080, 39.4 MB

Snowboarding Off-Piste
1920x1080, 21.6 MB

Spinning Baseball Green Halos
1920x1080, 42.6 MB

Spinning Basketball on Abstract Background
1920x1080, 31.4 MB

Sport Motion Background
1920x1080, 14.5 MB


3D Numbers Countdown on Green
1920x1080, 12.7 MB

Abstract Moving Images
1920x1080, 49.3 MB

Blue Flames 2
1920x1080, 47.6 MB

Blue Light Streaks 1
1920x1080, 14.3 MB

Burning Fuse 1
1920x1080, 41.4 MB

Film Burn Pack
1280x720, 6.55 MB

Green Halo
1920x1080, 17.8 MB

Ink Flow 03 - Part 1
1920x1080, 67.0 MB

Orange Flames Slow Motion 3
1920x1080, 70.4 MB

Windmill Planet Background
1280x720, 27.2 MB