particleIllusion Clips - Special Occasions (Set 4)

All clips in this section of the Clip Archive were created using the free emitter libraries included with particleIllusion software by wondertouch.

These clips are being made available to you as long as their intended use is for PERSONAL, NONCOMMERCIAL PURPOSES. All other uses or subsequent re-distribution of these clips is prohibited without the prior agreement of wondertouch and Neo's Clip Archive as to their intended use.

To preview an individual clip before downloading, click on the image below for that clip. This will open a small window that provides a low resolution preview of the clip you selected. To download a clip, click on the clip's name in the table below. In some browsers, this may open the default media player for your system which will then play the clip rather than downloading it. If this happens, right click on the clip's name and then click on "Save Target As ..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As ..." (Firefox) to begin the download process.

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Shamrock Coins 01
800x600, 17.3 MB

Shamrock Coins 02
800x600, 17.3 MB

Shamrocks 01
800x600, 2.82 MB

Shamrocks 02
800x600, 8.69 MB

Shamrocks 03
800x600, 3.70 MB

Shamrocks 04
800x600, 2.62 MB

Shamrocks 05
800x600, 4.38 MB

Shamrocks 06
800x600, 2.63 MB

St Patricks Day 01
800x600, 6.16 MB

St Patricks Day 02
800x600, 3.38 MB

St Patricks Day 04
800x600, 5.07 MB

St Patricks Day 05
800x600, 2.00 MB

St Patricks Day 06
800x600, 1.62 MB

St Patricks Day 07
800x600, 0.27 MB

St Patricks Day 08
800x600, 1.16 MB

St Patricks Day 09
800x600, 8.16 MB

St Patricks Day 10
800x600, 1.85 MB

St Patricks Day 11
800x600, 5.55 MB

St Patricks Day 12
800x600, 1.48 MB

St Patricks Day Hat
800x600, 6.42 MB