Clips - Set 2

In October 2011, introduced a new website with re-creations of the loops from their old website in higher quality, wmv format and in Quicktime (.mov) format. As a result of that update or previous updates to their old website, a number of clips (of varying resolutions) found at one time on their old website are no longer available on their new website. However, has granted the Clip Archive the exclusive right to make those clips available for download on this page.

You may download the clips on this page and use them for free as long as their use is for personal, non-commercial purposes. However, redistribution of these clips is prohibited (to include their hosting on other websites or file sharing services).

To preview an individual clip, double click on the image below for that clip. This will open a small window that provides a low resolution preview of the clip you selected. To download the clip, click on the clip's name in the table below.

Animated Background 01
320x240, 614 KB

Animated Background 02
640x480, 1.56 MB

Animated Background 03
640x480, 7.25 MB

Animated Background 09
640x480, 6.26 MB

Countdown Loop 1
640x480, 7.08 MB

Countdown Loop 2
640x480, 8.36 MB

Flags 01 USA
320x240, 2.03 MB

Flags 02 UK
320x240, 1.81 MB

Flags 03 France
320x240, 1.44 MB

Flags 04 Germany
320x240, 1.31 MB

High Energy 01
320x240, 1.82 MB

High Energy 02
320x240, 4.74 MB

Music Background 01
320x240, 1.33 MB

Music Background 02
320x240, 1.52 MB

Music Background 03
320x240, 1.66 MB

News Opener 01
320x240, 1.22 MB

News Opener 03
320x240, 1.83 MB

Skull Background 01
320x240, 3.87 MB

Sport Background 01
320x240, 1.43 MB

Sport Background 2 Boxing Ring
320x240, 4.03 MB

Tunnel Background 01
320x240, 3.76 MB